Monday, August 16, 2010


Our 3 babies are growing up fast!  Bryce and Brendon turned 10 months on Sunday.  This photo is from dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants Saturday night.  (taken by my mom or dad)   They enjoyed eating chips, and corn tortillas with refried beans and cheese on them.

Nemesis has also been growing.  While his size doesn't seem to have changed much, he has become the kitten of the house.  He loves attacking Cinnamon, Hemi and Callie, earning his name.  He tears through the house with his toy, runs through the little kitty condo we have, and spends his quiet time in a little cat bed we bought for Cinnamon.  She seems to be very slowly warming up to him.  (photo proof coming soon) 

Nemesis even interacts well with the boys.  That's a surprise because the boys are under the belief that Nemesis is actually a chew toy.  They attempt to eat him every chance they get.  Nemesis for the most part does not mind.  Usually Dana or I must intervene before someone gets hurt.

It's a busy, but happy house.


Barb said...

10 months already?! Wow! How busy you must be! And exhausted. I remember my sister when her boys were crawling and first walking! Yikes! Take naps whenever possible!

big hugs :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

unbelievable they are 10 months already!!

jennifer said...

I am amazed at how quickly your little miracle babies are growing! God is good!

Please post a pic of Kaia or Mo holding the kitty. There is just something so cute about about the cheesy grin kiddos get when they are holding a kitten up for a picture :)

Anonymous said...

I just realized that the person in the back ground looks like a life size crucifix. How weird is that?
Or maybe I'm the weird one.
The "boys" get bigger and more handsome every day.

Just Breathe said...

They are precious. Can't believe that it is 10 months already.