Friday, August 20, 2010


I used to sew a lot.  I made myself skirts and dresses, then I had kids, and pretty much stopped sewing.  Now I have a few items that need re-worked, and I found this blog:  It's been all over the news, and it is such a fun blog.  I spent well over an hour looking at her creations. 

First I have a cute dress my mom got for free in the locker room at work.  It had been abandoned, and it was my size.  So after a year my mom brought it home. I quickly found out why it was abandoned.  It is poorly constructed.  I'm thinking I will just cut it below the armholes, add a band of elastic, and have a sleeveless tube dress.

The more difficult piece of clothing is a work shirt.  All staff and upper volunteers were given these very nice shirts.  Only problem is, I don't like the way shirts like this fit me.  They are too manly.  Any ideas on some tailoring that could make it softer more feminine?


Liz said...

I had that exact problem with my work shirts when I worked for the IGA that was in Pullman--the shirts are the blue-collar horrible mens shirts that ONLY look good on men. I would have tailored the heck out of it, if we hadn't had to put a payment on it so that we *wouldn't* tailor the heck out of them.
Anyway. What exactly do you want out of the shirt: form fitting around the waist, more flattering around the bust, etc. IMO, one of the nicest styles that women's blouses come in is that really nice tapered side that accentuates hips/curves (if you have them; if you don't, they give you some!) Another way I would wear that shirt is to put a camisole with a lacy or frilly top, and leave the top few buttons open a little to give it a more feminine touch. Short of sewing an entire new shirt, I think that's all I could think of :P

Anonymous said...

I would taper it in at the waist and put a zipper in front and make it a short jacket. You could even put some satin piping around the collar and sleeves.
Or just taper it in on the sides and square off the bottom.