Friday, February 2, 2007

Accidents, toilets, and comforters

In our house these things all go together! Yesterday morning I received an interesting call from Dana. "Hello?" "Guess who peed on the bed." "Kaia?" "Yep!" We all know that this is one of those accidents that will happen during potty training.

What you don't know, unless your my mom who happens to have given us most of our bedding as a gift, is that we have a feather mattress cover. $100 to dry clean, $20 to have a laundromat wash and dry, or $5 and an hour of my time at the laundromat. The best part is that she didn't want to tell us and pulled our comforter onto the bed, so that it ended up in the pee too. Our comforter is faux leather. You can imagine the washing instructions for that. Dry clean ( I don't know the cost, and am not going to find out for fear of a heart attack!) or wash in cold water and hang dry. This is the part where I could die laughing if it weren't my comforter soaked in pee. Where in February am I going to hang a king sized comforter to dry? In the warm weather I can hang it over the railing on the back of our porch, and days later it is still damp. Last time I chose to alternate between low heat and fluff at the laundromat. Way too many quarters later, I took a damp comforter home to hang on the railing.

Last night we slept under some blankets that Dana has had for years. It wasn't comfortable for either of us. So today while at Target I picked up a comforter on clearance for $25. Now we have a back-up comforter for the next time there is an accident (hopefully that's when Mo is being potty trained!).

The toilet does fit in to this. Kaia obviously didn't make it to the toilet in time, even though there are two nice working toilets to choose from. The old toilet that Dana removed 2 weekends ago is sitting outside next to our house. (and we wonder why some of the neighbors hate us!) No one on freecycle wanted our toilet! I even let them know it was cleaned with bleach water before removal, but still no takers. So now that it's been frozen, it isn't worthy to be a toilet anymore. So what do you do with a toilet? You can haul it to the dump and pay to throw it out for future generations to deal with, or paint and pot it! We are going to paint the toilet, fill it with dirt, and plant flowers in it! It's going in the backyard, no need to further aggravate anyone. Dana wants flames, I was thinking stone. Probably will depend on what paint is cheap at the craft store. Pictures to follow!

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ArmyMama said...

Oh boy! And we're just getting ready to start potty training Nick! Not looking forward to all those accidents! LOL