Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Reading

It was a busy weekend with nice weather, a birthday party and a barbeque. Next weekend looks much the same, but without the nice weather. I've enjoyed some good reading this week though!

Meredith @ Like Merchant Ships blogged about raising a bigger family in a smaller space and I loved it!

Crystal @ Money Saving Mom finished her After Baby Comes Freezer Stash, two weeks before her due date! (I only hope to be that prepared.)

Mrs. Mordecai @ Be It Ever So Humble posted a recipe for Black Beans and Rice. Not only was it easy, quick, and inexpensive... it was delicious and I'm still eating leftovers!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm glad you liked the recipe! It's a favorite here, and we used to make it more often than I like to admit when we were still in school.

Danielle said...

I haven't seen Mrs. M's recipe yet, have to check it out. Speaking of black beans, Whole Foods has a great black bean mix that you just add to boiling water and mix until the water is gone.

About the "At an arms reach" thing. For the first five months of her life, Annalise slept in a simple bouncy seat on the floor right next to our bed... at an arm's reach from me. It was $25 at Walmart. I don't even want to know how much the thing in that blog post was.

I think the fact that we never used a crib really helped contribute to the fact that Annalise was such a good sleeper and easy baby. I think they like sleeping "upright" like that more than flat on their backs.

TJ said...

The play and packs range from $60 to $150. I already have one, as does Grammy. So we plan to have the twins sleep in it together as that is what was recommended to me. Then once they are sleeping well during the night, I'll move them to the crib in the nursery.

Mo slept in a cradle next to our bed. And he was an excellent sleeper until recently. You have to use what works. For us a bouncer would be too much of an attraction for the cats.

Lady Farmer said...

Good Day to you TJ!
Just wanted to check in on you and those two little ones your bakin'! Sounds like all is well.
Have a lovely week over there in Yakama!
Your fellow Washingtonian blogger friend!