Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glade Sense & Spray Review and Giveaway

About 2 months ago, or maybe less, I became a Bzz Agent and signed up to take part in the Glade Sense & Spray campaign. I've seen the ads on tv, and was interested in how it worked.

I love the concept. Rather than a plug in air freshener that is always releasing scent, often to an empty room, it is motion activated. Also, unlike a spray freshener that the kids are likely to use and keep using, this gives off a metered spray and then locks out for 30 minutes.

My first problem with the Sense & Spray was, it was hard to find a suitable place in my home for it. The bathrooms are very small, and the cats' water dishes are in there. I didn't want it to spray each time a cat jumped up to get a drink of water. Especially because 2 of my cats would be scared of the spray and run off. The kitchen was the next best place, but it is also really small. And, I knew it would be triggered almost every half hour when I'm home.

I did settle on the kitchen for placement. I hate that because we have an open home design, any smell in the kitchen can also be smelled in the dining room and front room. I love that because we have an open home design, the Sense & Spray freshens the dining and front room too.

The other problem we have is the Clean Linen scent that I chose is too strong in the kitchen. It makes me wish I'd chosen another scent. It does smell good in the front room and dining room, just not when you are right on top of it in the kitchen.

I would like to see Glade add some more subtle and natural scents to their collection. I like fragrances that are light and natural. One company that has done a wonderful job with this is Method. Their fragrances that include scents like Pear-Grapefruit and Rain are very light, but still refreshing. I would love to see similar fragrances from Glade.

Another solution would be a dial that allows the user to turn down the amount sprayed each time, or allow the user to set a longer lock-out period.

Overall I like the Sense & Spray and will try it again with another scent and maybe another location.

Now I have 5 coupons to giveaway. Each coupon is good for $4 off a Glad Sense & Spray holder. This coupon should allow you to try one out for FREE! If you would like a coupon, just let me know in the comments. Leave a comment by Friday, May 8th, and I'll use a random number generator to select the 5 recipients, and announce on Monday the 11th. (Coupons are only redeemable in the USA) Anonymous comments are welcome, but please make sure I have contact information for you in the post.


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