Friday, July 17, 2009

Belly Shot and First Benchmark

Note to self: Clean the mirror! Scrap that, just clean your house already!

Today is the day! I have reached my first benchmark of 24 weeks. Babies born this week can survive, although it means months of NICU and future health problems. What's exciting about this benchmark is that I only have 4 weeks before I've met my next benchmark of 28 weeks. At that time survival rate goes up, time in NICU goes down, and risk health problems decrease significantly. Even better is at the next benchmark, the boys can be born here in town.

My goal is still to reach week 36-37, but secretly I won't be mad if it's week 35 as my grandma is visiting from Mexico and leaves at week 36. I'd love to have her here to see the boys as newborns. I have checked the calendar and as long as I keep these boys in until the beginning of October, I should have good healthy boys with almost no time in NICU.

Amazingly I still can get my halter top on! It doesn't cover my belly anymore, but it goes on. I'm measuring at 37 weeks now, so full term, and I have a good 11 weeks of growing left! I have made my goal of 24 pounds at 24 weeks, and waver between 24 and 25 pounds gained. I have 15 more pounds to gain before the boys are born. The good news, food sounds so good these days. Plus we'll be traveling to the beach again soon and the dungeness crab is calling my name. The bad news, I get full fast, stay full longer and have a bit of heartburn at times. It's becoming work to get in my calories, but I'm up for it.

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be working a yard sale tomorrow (pray for lots of sales!) and will also be trying to do something special for a certain someone's birthday.


Jamie Tamez said...

Oh Tysa that is just a beautiful belly! I pray every day those little boys stay in there longer and get stronger. Keep up the great and beautiful work Mama!

Tina said...

I am so happy that you are at this benchmark. I know you can breathe a little easier knowing you have made it this far. Make sure you take it easy! Still thinking and praying for you and your boys!

Murrie said...

I remember when you would stick your belly out to "look" pregnant. You look beautiful. And crab does sound good, it is ironic that that is how I found out I was pregnant with my first. We went to dinner, I ordered crab and could not stomach it. So sad, I love crab. At least I can eat it now.

jennifer said...

I hope you sold a lot at the yard sale.

You are really really growing! I bet from behind you can't even tell that you are pregnant though. I'm so glad things are going well for you!