Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lookin Good

The Jack Skellington Photos or Terminators. You pick.

The boys are both looking good. We had an appointment on Thursday, and all the blood flows look good. My cervix is still "rock solid" with 5 cm in length, just as it should be. I'm happy to report that there really is nothing to report. The boys are active, healthy, and enjoy making my belly look like aliens may pop out at any moment.

I will see the perinatal doctor at the University of Washington on Tuesday. As long as things still look good and my non-stress test looks good, I will be released to have all my care in Yakima! I will then see a combination of my OB, Dr. Rowles, and the Perinatal Dr from UW that comes to Yakima to see patients.

I'm sure you all know how happy I am to hear that. Just one more trip! I'm giddy over not wasting full days and endless amounts of money to go to Seattle. Not that it is wasted, our boys are fully worth it, but home is where I want to be and stay!

A little fun fact: I had my tubal ligation on February 13, 2007. At one of my last appointments, the computer did the math and said that my conception date was... Yep, February 13, 2009. I don't believe in coincidences. God has a great sense of humor. Same reason He gave us twins after the tubal ligation and not before.


barb said...

I'm going with Jack Skellington! hahaha!

Such fabulous news! Nothing remarkable to report is the best news! Great news on not having to commute, too. Well, once more, but still.

Danielle said...

Those pictures are bad-ass!

Julie said...

love the photos of the boys. . . so excited for you! God does have an incredible sense of humor.

Lady Farmer said...

Great news!
Thanks for sharing!

Just Breathe said...

First of all I want to say how happy I am that the boys are doing so well. Keep up the good work.

They are Godincidences and I love them. I see them everyday and it is so awesome!

jennifer said...

Your boys are GORGEOUS!! I showed the pictures to my husband so he could see who we prayed for :)