Friday, July 31, 2009

Positive Day!

Today is Positive Day! This wonderful idea comes from Jen's Diva Daughter. I am more than happy to participate. Rather than write a new positive post, I want to share with you several of my recent positive posts.

If you've done any reading on my blog in the past 2 months, you will know that times have been trying. We could have let that bring us down. I could have let that bring this blog down. But, I didn't, we didn't. I've seen the good in all our struggles and God has seen us through them. We have 2 little miracles on the way, and we have been so blessed through their unexpected appearance, and through their health issues.

A doctor gave us hope and God taught me that He would give us strength. Jen was an amazing friend and updated all our friends and family post-surgery. Dana and I named the boys on our ride home from what appeared to be a successful surgery. Both boys showed improvement post-surgery.

God taught me a lesson in being served. God made me smile when I realized that the conception date of the boys was the same date as my tubal ligation just 2 years prior.

We get to see regular ultrasounds of our boys, on equipment that is amazing! We are blessed to have had the opportunity to see video of our boys, while they are still inside and developing, something that amazes me daily.
And last, I cannot forget that Dana and I have two wonderful, and goofy older kids to keep us smiling, laughing, and occasionally pulling out our hair. We make a great team, and we are all excited to meet the new additions.


Anonymous said...

And, today, you are 26!

TJ said...

Yes, I forgot all about that one! 26 weeks today! 2 more weeks and these boys have an EXCELLENT chance not only at surviving if born, but at being healthy survivors.

They are still staying in until Oct 2nd which is 35 weeks. That's what I'm telling them anyway.

barb said...

26 weeks! Woo Hoo! Only 98 days to go! What a blessing.

jennifer said...

You know, my husband asked me the other day how the twins are doing. And my Oldest Daughter asked me this week how "TJ" was doing. Your journey has become part of our life.

I am so thankful for you. The day that you thought 'hey, I'm gonna start a blog' was a very good day. How else would I ever have been able to call you friend?

Thanks for participating TJ. Be blessed!

Dianne said...

Happy and Blessed 26 weeks

I wish you and your family and especially the twins a safe and joyous journey to a wonderful birthday

Ronnica said...

I think it's awesome how you've kept up your spirits during this time. I'm sure there were down times, but your attitude has been a blessing to others! I look forward to the day you are blessed with the birth of your sons!

Travis said...

I'm here from Jen's linky.


Happy Positive Day!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. What a great post this is. Happy Positive Day 2009. Aloha :)