Sunday, July 26, 2009


Her usual face

Nothing says manly like riding your Harley in a faux fur coat with dirt up your nose!

Yes, I went MIA this week. It wasn't intentional, but it's been crazy! Grammy June had her knee replaced so we had our friends' daughter sitting for us. This meant I actually had to think about lunches for her to fix for the kids. Tuesday we were in Seattle for the boys check up. Then on Wednesday, Kaia woke up with a fever of 102. So we took her to the doctor. They did a strep test that came back negative, and sent her back to the lab for Influenza A and B testing. (apparently that's popping up around town) Both of those were negative.

It was settled she just had a plain ol virus, and we should all wash our hands well. Thursday she was improving and Mo was still going strong. I couldn't decide if I was catching her bug or just really sick from the smoke blowing into our valley from a forest fire in Canada. We seemed to be coming through fairly unscathed, though.

Friday morning, Mo was up with a 101 degree fever. I went into work, but had to come home to bring Tylenol for him as his fever rose before he could take more ibuprofen. Kaia was feeling better and Mo was down for most of the day. Dana and I are both well, so it was just a kid sharing virus this time around. But now, it's already Sunday! We are leaving for the beach in a week, the house is a mess, I still need to finalize childcare for this week, and the nursery is still in pieces. I have to love our crazy life!


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I love when Mo cross dresses.

You know how I said God is at work with something big for each of us? He seems to be on the same timeline, too. I had the best day I had in a long time, too.