Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Matched Set

I was talking to one of the boys yesterday and told him that there was just too much cute for one baby. They are so cute that they had to be part of a matched set. We're still trying to tell them apart without having to look side by side at the size difference or by checking the wrist band or ankle band that are still on. Mo does this best, when he chooses to acknowledge they are people. More often than not, Brendon and Bryce are "it" and "that one." As in, "It looks like it's about to cry." Or "That one is hungry."

Right now we are all doing well and adjusting. I'm recovering from the c-section and tubal ligation, and not feeling well. The boys are being checked almost daily for weight gain, but yesterday the appointment went well enough that we do not have to go in today for a check up.

Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers! Also, I keep receiving wonderful gifts. The Belly Bandit and Lilypadz I asked for are here, although I'm thankful I received 2 Belly Bandits. The small is too small, so my mom exchanged one that she purchased here in town for a medium, and it is still too small. Soon... My grandma also gave us some cute burp clothes, we also received some from the hospital, we got adorable socks from my mom, and corduroy shoes from my aunt. Julie sent us some fabulous swaddling blankets. Grammy has been by to help feed and bring some treats for the older kids. My mom has been busy driving me around and helping in the house. Last we received news that the financing on our Suburban had finally been worked out, at what we wanted. So we have a vehicle that fits us all! I look forward to being back online more soon, but first we have to get past this every 3 hour feeding schedule.


barb said...

You could try the painted toenail trick until they develop more! My sister Janice had it easy for a few months as her twins were born with a great size disparity - 6 pounds vs 3.5 pounds. It took Tommy a while to catch up to Kevin, and clearly, you do not have that situation!

You must be exhausted. Rest as often as anyone even *hints* at spotting you for a quick power nap!

Big hugs ♥xo

Julie said...

Did a gift receipt come with the Belly Bandit? If not let me know and I will see about getting it to you so you can make an exchange!

The boys are so adorable!

jennifer said...

Oh shoot! Mo's response to his brothers is classic! LOL!

I'm sorry you aren't feeling great - I'll pray for speedy healing.

The picture of the boys is really precious. They are beautiful babies!

MyBellavia said...

So very sweet! Congratulations! Barb's sister Janice

Just Breathe said...

They are so cute, thank you for posting a picture.