Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Menu Plan Wednesday?

How about that menu plan?  Honestly I have been working from one, just haven't posted it yet.  You may have noticed my absence in blog land recently.  It's not that I don't enjoy reading your blog, I just have been busy and haven't made it by.  I'll be by soon, don't give up on me.

Something else that's happening, I was selected to host a Sandwich Thins House Party!  If you haven't heard of House Party , I suggest you click and visit. So I'm excited to host, and it means I have to get my house clean!

Tonight Kaia and I are headed to watch Annie.  She cannot wait, I'm happy she's excited.  I saw a local production of Annie when I was a child and loved it.  I think it's great we can give her the same experience (with a little help, thanks).

And now for that menu:
Monday: pork sirloin with cajun seasoning, squash, and broccoli with cheese
Tuesday: easy huevos rancheros
Wednesday: navy bean soup (from a mix, since time is limited)
Thursday: spaghetti with meat sauce, fresh veggies and ranch
Friday: chicken nuggets and baked fries (I'll be having a boneless skinless chicken thigh with hot wing sauce on it, instead of the  nuggets)
Saturday: up in the air
Sunday: up in the air
I'll figure out the other two meals, but weekends are usually easy for me since I"m home.

Hope you are enjoying your week!  Off to fix Kaia's hair.  She wore rollers so it would be curly.  She also requested that I dye it red before tonight, that isn't going to happen.


barb said...

What? No red hair for Annie. You're such a Mom, Tysa! hahahaha! With 4 kids, 2 of them still infants, I'm surprised you have to take a shower!

Big hugs xo

Casii said...

I get the house party emails, but haven't made the jump to apply for one yet. Let me know how yours goes!

We've been snowed in all week, so the cooking has actually been copious (it's a nesting thing), but I still can't get the hang of menus.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

LOL Oh my! my 12 yr old son was asking about red hair just this morning!

Just Breathe said...

Your menu sounds very good. Does it feel better to have a plan?
Red hair ~ how old is she?