Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Growing Up

There is so much growing up happening in our house this week.  The boys started on a new solid; sweet potatoes.  I was going to wait, but Brendon spent quite a bit of the weekend red-faced and grunting with no results.  So I started the sweet potatoes to help.  They did, and the boys were like little birds waiting for their next bite of the yummy potatoes.

Mo is still working on his potty training.  He has the peeing down!  He is so good at that, he doesn't even go when sleeping or napping.  It's the other business we are working on.  Dana also made a deal with Mo this week.  If he sleeps in his own bed for 7 nights in a row, he will get the Hot Wheels of his choice.  Mo really wants a Jeep Custom Motor, not enough to sleep in his own bed yet, but I think he's working up to that.

Kaia finally has a loose tooth!  But, in true Kaia style, one loose tooth wasn't dramatic enough.  No, she decided to have two loose at the same time.  So now both of her bottom front teeth are wiggly, and she's eagerly awaiting their loss and the arrival of the tooth fairy.

Finally, I had to grow up too.  Only in years, though.  This week I turn 32. 

Dana opted out of growing up this week, he's going to wait until July. 

Hope you all have a great week.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Good job on the potty training. We're stuck again. I'm so sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Love, Granny

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Never a dull moment at the Kihns thats for sure! The tooth fairy is gonna break you!

jennifer said...

Loosing a tooth is a BIG DEAL! Tell Kaia congratulations.

And Happy Birthday TJ. You are a blessing to me.

Dianna said...

OMGosh! Is your head spinning?!?
I hope your birthday brings you a bit of calm my dear. Hope your day is GREAT!

Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday! Two loose teeth, double the money! Sounds like a good prize for sleeping in his own bed. Is it working? Sweet potatoes, I love them. They now make 100% sweet potatoe slices for Skye and she is in love with them.
Glad the boys liked them.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! I forgot, yours is like days from John's. If you're going to be 32 that means I am right behind you no