Monday, March 29, 2010



It's time to refocus on my priorities.


jennifer said...

Being a mother of multiple kiddos is tough. ALL of us worry that we aren't giving each child what they need. Don't feel like you are alone! You have always been such a great mom and given so much of yourself that of course, when you have to divide your time between 4 kids, Kaia feels the difference. I'm sending warm thoughts, (((hugs))), and prayers your way.

You are a great mom TJ. If you weren't, Kaia wouldn't want more time with you :) It is a blessing to be loved by our children.

jennifer said...

Oh! And Kaia has some wonderful communication skills. What a smart girl! I know you are proud her sweet honesty. Her caring for her mother comes through loud and clear. Give her a hug for me.

Just Breathe said...

I am sure that with the twins it hasn't been easy. Just give her some extra attention each day and this will pass. Things I've learned over the years:
Always give big hugs
Always listen to their stories
Always smile & be excited when they enter the room

Barb said...

Awww. That's so sweet. Something for the keepsake box for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, TJ. I was starting to suspect something was up with Annalise today when I picked her up from daycare and the teacher said she wasn't herself. Then, she fell asleep at 6 pm, so she was just tired. (And, I'm relieved). I think Mommy/Daughter date nights are in order for each of us.

Dianna said...

You are doing a great job. You are.
{You are SUPERMOM as far as I can tell!}