Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sandwich Party Wrap Up

Saturday was my first ever House Party, and it was so much fun.  I asked all of my guests to bring their favorite sandwich toppings, and I used the coupons sent to me to purchase 3 packages of Sandwich Thins.  We all agreed that they are fantastic!  We tried the whole wheat, honey wheat and multi-grain.  I have personally eaten all of them, and think the whole wheat is my favorite.  At only 100 calories per Sandwich Thins, and plenty of fiber, they make a healthy base for your sandwich.  Cheap bland white bread is 70 calories a slice, making them 140 calories a sandwich and no fiber (or next to none).  Whole wheat and other breads have more fiber but are also higher in calories.  The Sandwich Thins also offer portion control, due to a slightly smaller size.

My biggest surprise was how much the kids and Dana liked them!  I'm usually the lone wheat bread eater in my house, but not anymore.  We all had sandwiches for lunch and dinner Saturday.  Kaia and I ate the bread with cream cheese the next morning for breakfast.  Mo grabbed one for a snack after church.  Kaia and Dana had sandwiches on them for lunch Monday.  I bought a new bag Monday night, and we are already out again!  That's a record for any bread product in our house.

Here is one of the healthy sandwich toppings from Saturday.  This is my mom's recipe and I didn't get all the measurements, but you can just add to taste.  She was nice and substituted the icky cashews for almonds, so that I could eat it.

Chicken Salad
shredded chicken breast or 1 can of chicken
slivered or chopped almonds
dried cranberries
lite mayo
Mix together and enjoy!  I am not usually a big fan of dried cranberries, but they were really good in this.  It was especially good topped with red onion, sprouts and lettuce.


barb said...

That sounds yummy to me, but I love cranberries! I also love cashews but never thought of tossing them in a sandwich before.

jennifer said...

I bought white wheat for a long time. Bryan finally asked me to just buy the white bread. I couldn't tell a difference at all!

jennifer said...

Oh by the way... thanks for playing along with the purse contents thing :)

Lady Farmer said...

I have never heared of a Sandwich Party! Sounds like fun! I think I will have one next time I am in a party mood!

Just Breathe said...

I love the sandwich thins. They now have them at Costco.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I really like this idea of a sandwich party! How creative.