Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Day!

Today my drama queen has a chance to show her acting abilities! Yes, we have auditions for the Missoula Children's Theater production of Rumplestiltskin. They have lots of openings, and it is designed to get as many kids in the production as possible. I believe that her age group will be playing the part of the bees. (Don't ask where the bees were in Rumplestiltskin, I have no idea) She has been waiting a whole year to be old enough to audition, and is very excited.

I would like to share why, I believe that my drama queen will have no problem performing for an audience. She has experience showing off for large crowds.

Back when I was pregnant with Mo, Kaia enjoyed running away from me. It could be in church, the grocery store, in parking lots, it was all part of the fun for her. Toward the end of my pregnancy though, I could no longer run after her. She figured this out, and was living up the "run away from the waddling mama" game to its fullest.

Under that sweet face was a little tormentor!

That was the game one day at church. I took Kaia out because she was being extremely loud. She took off running into the fellowship area, and headed toward my classroom which was at the end of the building. There are plenty of toys in there, so I waddled over to see what she was playing with. It was then I discovered that she wasn't in the classroom. She had turned and gone down the hall. Waddling Mama started a fast waddle because she turned into a short hallway, which then turns to a long hallway, and at the end of that hallway is a door. A door that leads right into the front of the sanctuary.

I turned the corner to see turbo running, toward the door. I'm half-whispering, half-shouting "Kaia, STOP!" Waddling Mama actually breaks into a run, a run fast enough that it feels like Mo should drop out onto his little noggin. Alas, my pregnant butt was no match for Kaia. She opened the door before I could get to her, and ran into the front of the sanctuary. She went up to the podium on the small stage and attempted to talk to the entire congregation. Kevin our minister was down in the front reviewing prayer requests. I opened the door, out of breath, sweating, and ready to kill my first born. I snatched her from the stage, went right back out the door and into the nursery with lights off. I left them off and gave her a good talking to. Everyone else was highly amused by this, thankfully. I heard how funny it was, and how cute Kaia was. It made it a little less embarrasing, and I was able to laugh about it later that day. However, my talking to didn't teach her a lesson. She made another break for the front just months later, that time I caught her just a few rows up from where we sit. Again, everyone but me, was amused.

Today, I will enjoy seeing my girl on stage, when she should be! If she makes it, which I believe she will (because what mama doesn't?), she has 2 performances on Saturday. If any of you need help with your travel arrangements, so you can see my star in the making, just let me know!

One last thing, today is a big day for Dana too, can't give any details, but if you think about it say a prayer that all goes well this afternoon!


Carla said...

Prayers for Dana, and kudos to you for seeing your little drama queen's talent! What fun! I'm looking forward to my grands getting big enough to perform-where they should! (everyone smiles and laughs because they are glad its not THEIR child this time!!)

Anonymous said...

What a fun story. I knew she was mischevious. My parents told me that this past Sunday in their church, a little kid threw a ball up to the priest on the alter. This is a Greek Orthodox church, and I don't know if you've ever been to one, but the services are very monotone. My husband calls it "The Borg". So you can imagine how out of place a ball was.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Funny story! Your drama queen is BEAUTIFUL and full of spunk. So spirited and full of life. I hope you will continue to post about her adventure and share photos of the performances.

Dianna said...

Good luck sweetie pie*!*

If you were a hit on God's stage then it's a no-brainer ;)