Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last week I went on my very first field trip as a mom. I was a chaperon to 3 students, one of which was my own. I definitely felt like cattle in a herd, as all the kindergarten students for Kaia's school were there. The pumpkin patch had so many groups that they herded us from one section to the next, with just a bit of time spent at each.

I had a great group though. The little boy wanted to hug me all the time, and Kaia became quite jealous. I also had a shy little girl that hardly spoke, and knows only a little English. She was quite opposite Kaia, who is very outgoing and never stops speaking. They got along great though and we had fun.

Kaia picked out one of the biggest pumpkins to take home with her. She could barely carry it. I picked out a small one for Mo. I hope tonight we can carve them so they will be ready for Halloween. And in a move that is sure to kill my chances for the mom of the year award, I scheduled an appointment for my kids to get their flu shots on Halloween morning. Mo knows, but Kaia doesn't. She'll find out when we get there, and not before, or I'd be dragging a screaming child into the clinic, and that is never fun. I'm hoping the costumes that the staff wear will make the visit a bit more fun. Plus she can wear her princess costume (a fancy dress from Grammy and Papa and one of my tiaras from my pageant days), so it shouldn't be too bad, right?


Carla said...

Yea pumpkin patch mom! Boo hiss shots on Halloween morning! Such is life! Hopefully, they will have mild reactions and not let it get in the way of their evening fun:)

Shauna said...

CUTE picture! I love this time of year! Hope you have a very Happy Halloween :)

Art said...

That's cute!