Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I have a Bee!

After a long and grueling audition... I'm only half kidding. You should have seen all the kids going round through the circle saying the line. It was almost 2 hours after we started that parts were assigned. I'm so excited that Kaia is one of the bees!

I was worried at first. They had the kids all lined up from tallest to smallest. Then they adjusted them for age as each child said their name and age in a loud voice. Then they went around and said their name and age in a happy voice, then in a mad voice. The problem was, that they started with the oldest kids then made their way to the youngest. By the time it was Kaia's turn, most of the kids around her had forgotten what to do. But, then they were all paired into A's and B's. The A's asked, "Why did the chicken cross the playground?" the B's would answer, "to get to the other slide." Then both the A and B had to laugh like it was the funniest joke ever. Well Kaia said her line! After her, it pretty much fizzled out to some young kids just staring at the directors.

Then came the singing. Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I knew Kaia would do well there. She loves to sing, sings mostly on key, and projects well when she sings. This time they were broke into groups. Kaia's group was last. Kaia and 2 other girls carried the group (the other 2 were a bit older) and I was very proud. Out of all the wee ones in her section, Kaia and the other 2 girls were the only ones to get parts. The 3 of them are bees, and first rehearsal is Wednesday! There were lots of tears that evening, but I was so thankful that they were not Kaia's.

On Dana's stuff, well it didn't go well, please just pray for some great opportunities to head his way.


Kelli said...

Congratulations to your little bee...what a cutie! I will pray that something great comes along for Dana...hang in there!

Carla said...

I'm sorry for your Dana, happy for your little bee! Prayers of joy and comfort to you and yours! (Love that picture of your girl:)