Friday, October 17, 2008

Camping Theme

Thank you all for your patience as life has been more important than blogging lately. Next week, we are planning to go on our last camping trip of the year. It will be the last weekend of October, the same time we took our last and fateful camping trip last year. This year, however, Mo is not going to get pneumonia and spend 5 days in the hospital scaring the crap out of his parents, it's just not allowed!

Something that I find amazing, is that most hits I receive from search engines are people looking for camping menus. So next week, my posts will all be camping themed. I cannot promise a post everyday, but I do promise some great camping ideas, and food. If there is one thing we Kihn's enjoy, it is camping!

Please take a moment to let me know, if you have any camping questions in the comments. I'd be happy to answer them.


Carla said...

I love your 'real life' camping posts! Very real and exciting:)

jennifer said...

Mo is SO cute!!!! Again, this is a great idea!

And no, Mo IS NOT ALLOWED to get sick. I stand in agreement with you.