Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camping Fun

One key aspect to enjoying your camping trip is to have fun! For many people the question is, "What do we do once up there?" The answers are many, and all depends on what you enjoy.

  1. Growing up camping meant hiking to me. We'd set out and follow the trails around Mt. Rainier. Or, we'd just climb right up a hillside to see what there is to see. Many campgrounds have nearby trails that you can follow. Just being out in the fresh air, enjoying the beauty of God's great earth, and getting some exercise can make your day a lot of fun.

  2. Water is fun! Whether it's camping by a lake, a pond or near a river, having water to play in makes the trip fun for kids and adults. Our favorite campground is across the road from a river where in the warm summer months we go to cool down and look for the crawdads and small fish that live near the banks of the river. In the early spring there is the frog pond, which also houses salamanders and in the nearby rocks are small snakes. Another great camping spot we enjoy is on Rimrock Lake. We just wade in the water, but many lakes have some place nearby that rent paddle boats. Also if you are near water, you can go fishing, just be sure to check out the rules and regulations for your area.

  3. Camp near an event or activity. Jennifer mentioned in the comments of my last post that they used to camp out for a football game. Great idea! We went camping in 2007 near Silverwood Theme Park. We were able to enjoy camping, and go have fun on the rides. Many outdoor concert venues in Washington have campgrounds nearby so that you can enjoy your favorite band without driving all night to get home.

  4. Invite family and friends. One of the best things about camping is having friends and family come up to join us! Whether it's a day trip for them, or they camp beside us, it's always enjoyable to spend time with those we love. If you don't have family and friends willing to join you, take a note from Kaia's book of life: Make some! She always meets a new friend camping, and we've been able to chat with the parents and get to know them. On one occasion, her new friend, was the son of my friend from high school.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are coming up with some ideas, and maybe thinking about future camping trips. On the sidebar you will find a link to all of my Camping Menus. Here are a few food ideas:

Corn on the Cob:

Corn is a delicious and easy side dish to your camping meals. We've cooked it several ways, but here are two of our favorites.

On the grill: Shuck the corn as if preparing to boil it. When the grill is hot, baste the corn with seasoned melted butter. I like to add garlic salt and seasoning salt. Place corn on the grill, turn and baste often, until cooked. The corn will get a little dark in spots, but it just adds more flavor.

Over the fire: Shuck corn and lay it on a square of foil. Add a tablespoon or more of butter and any seasoning you would like. Wrap corn with foil, making sure the ear is completely covered. When the fire has nice hot coals, place the grate over the coals and put corn on it. If you just have one of those little half grates, make sure there are coals under it. If you don't have a grate at all, you can put the corn in the pit, as close to the coals as possible. Turn a few times, and check for doneness after 20 minutes or so.


Art said...

Neat ideas. I'm not much of a camping type myself. I like being indoors too much I guess :)

jennifer said...

Chili cooked all day on a hot plate? Mmmmmm! Add grilled cheese sandwiches cooked on a griddle and what a great meal!