Monday, February 18, 2008


Mo was not driving this weekend, but I just love this photo!

It's been a busy 3-day weekend here. Saturday the kids and I went shopping with my mom. We helped her outfit their newly remodeled bathroom, while Dana and my dad went riding. After shopping it was over to my brother's to pick up my neice. Kaia and I got to hold the naked rat Esmerelda. She's very cool, but I have been forbidden to bring any rats into the house. Then we all went to dinner Saturday night at our favorite Mexican restaurant El Pastor. Not only do they have great food, they are good people. I went to school with the owner's son and daughter, and his son manages the place now.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! Kevin brought in about 8 rasberry canes to church for me. And I thoroughly enjoyed planting them in the only spot of dirt that isn't still frozen. Good thing it is where I had planned to put them. These are actually the grand babies of the canes I gave him and Jenny back when they first moved into their place. My entire patch died out after that, due to water issues. So with our fresh sprinkler system, I'm looking forward to having raspberries again.

Today I was thrilled to read Meredith's site for the first time since Friday. You all know my love of retro in the kitchen. She is using a 1950's textbook suggested meals for a week! This is just too much fun, check it out!

Mo's vocabulary is rapidly expanding. Just now he came in to say Toot toot and appo. Not sure if he wants to eat, or if the Thomas DVD is paused... He loves to say "Amen" so I'm teaching him Hallelujah Amen. We are off to enjoy this beautiful day the Lord has made. And Mo says "Lala Amen!"