Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Raising a Husband

This is a topic that some of my friends and I have discussed, how do we as mothers raise our boys to be good husbands? This is an online group of some of the best women ever. We met on a pregnancy website, and moved over to SparkPeople so we could have a private group. Most of us have boys, and those that don't still help on the conversation. We want to make sure that they grow up helping around the house, and respecting their wives. If Mo's love of pots and pans, dishes, and sweeping are any indication, he will make my future daughter-in-law very happy. Anyone have any suggestions to share?


Art said...

Get back to me in about 15 years and I'll let you know how ours turned out :)

I think letting him help out around the house is a good start though.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I think that having a good example to look up to really helps. If your husband treats you well, that's what your son will assume is normal.

Connie Marie said...

I agree with Mrs. Mordecai.

We've raised two sons, our oldest is married. I think his wife thinks he's a very good husband, she is very happy. Son number two does not think he's met his match yet.

Teach your sons to do things for themselves - don't expect "the little woman" to do it for him.

Have fun with the little guy, they grow up way too fast.

Kelli said...

What a great subject! I make sure that everyone does the same chores around here. Whether it's dishes, sweeping or dusting everyone pitches in. :0) Your little guy is adorable!

jennifer said...

Great question. I am pondering that too, prayerfully. Jen