Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mission Possible!

Yesterday I decided was the day to turn Kaia's messy toddler/preschool bedroom into a big girl room.

We're not 100% done, but it's a definite improvement. I still have to recover the headboard, so I didn't even attach it. She picked out the comforter and pillow all by herself.


Kelli said...

You did a great job, TJ!!! Congratulations to Kaia's on her big girl room, I love her new comforter!

jennifer said...

How sweet the kids look. It's fun to re-do isn't it. Was she excited? Have a great week TJ.

Art said...

That's a big pile of... stuff!

Good luck with that;)

Connie Marie said...

Oh my goodness that brings back so many unpleasant memories, ha! I had three girls and two boys and I can totally relate!
Oh my, I know what an ongoing challenge it is to keep our houses looking Good Housekeeping beautiful when little kids are doing their best to keep it Romper Stomper fun!
Your efforts paid off and her room looks so nice ---now if only she could have your vision of organization for the rest of her days, but don't hold your breath! Things do get better, I promise you and if you can come out of all of this and become friends with her - that is the prize to keep your eye on!

TJ said...

Thanks for all the encouragement! Kaia is currently helping keep her room clean, but for how long?

cookiesunshine said...

WOW! I'm impressed.

Pleaee notify me when you have your Etsy store up and running. I would love to see what you have knitted.


Julieann said...

::Clapping::: You did a great job!!!! Love the colors.