Monday, February 25, 2008

TGI Monday!

Thank goodness it is Monday. We had one of those weekends that made coming back to work Monday seem like a great idea!

Friday I discovered that a window in the office had been broken out, again. Nothing stolen this time, just a broken window. How this can continually happen when we are such close proximity to the police station, I will never know.

Saturday Dana drove all the way to Seattle only to find out the information he was given was wrong. I tried cleaning up, but had no motivation and a vacuum that didn't want to work. Still trying to decide when to just break down and buy a new vacuum. We've been having problems the last several months. Dana came home frustrated, and I was frustrated and we could not stop arguing. Then we get a call from my mom to find out that my brother and sister-in-law returned home from their church directory photos to find their home engulfed in smoke. Going to bed was one of the best things that happened on Saturday. Well that and getting my long awaited book (charmed thirds by Megan McCafferty) at the library.

Sunday morning I woke up and was making coffee when I realized the kitchen sink was backed up. We had to kick a boy out of Sunday School class within the first 15 minutes.

At this point though, things got better. 2 teenagers chose to be baptized at the beginning of worship service. I taught the older one when she was just 4 years old in Sunday School, and I remember her younger brother being born. And here they were becoming Christians! It was amazing. The service was from Amos, "What happens when all God gets is our voicemail?" It was much needed, sometimes we are so wrapped up in ourselves and our sin, we no longer take God's calls. I felt horrible for what I'd said to Dana the night before. My sister-in-law put in a prayer of thanksgiving during the call for prayer requests and those wanting to be baptized. The walls should have gone up in flames, but the didn't. All the animals are ok, as are most of their belongings.

When I got home Dana had fixed the sink for me. The kids played nicely. We all had a good lunch. Kaia went next door to play with the visiting grandchildren, and then went to the park to feed ducks with them. Dana and I didn't fight at all. We got our bed made with the preferred sheet and comforter and we all went out to play with the dog. A good ending to a bad weekend.

This morning was a great start to what I hope to be a good day. While we were on our way to Grammy and Papa's, I looked into the back seat to see Mo wearing Kaia's pink seashell sunglasses upside down and rocking out to Taylor Swift's Picture to Burn. Kaia and I laughed and kept on singing.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a weekend! I often feel that Monday is a time to recover from all the craziness.

Art said...

SOunds busy but great. I love a weekend like that!

jennifer said...

TJ, I am sorry that you and Dana were not getting along just right. That alone, for me, is enough to wreck a weekend. I need harmony between me and hubby for everything else to feel ok. but the news about the teenagers and the baptism! That is good! I hope the weeks continues to get better and I pray for some warm and fuzzy moments between you and Dana. Be blessed - Jen

Kelli said...

Whew, what a hectic weekend, TJ. I hope this coming week is much better!