Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Happenings

Happy Valentine's Day!
It's another Valentine's day, and for Kaia, that is huge. It's her first Valentine's party! She got to take her homemade cards (thanks to the foam hearts, stickers, and blank cards from my Secret Prayer Partner) to school. We also brought string cheese for the class. The school breakfast is a special one, waffles with strawberries and whip cream. She was very excited by that. She wasn't as excited about the spaghetti lunch, but I reminded her that "you get, what you get, and you don't throw a fit." Also that snack would be cookies and string cheese. She was content with that.

She's been eating huge amounts of food the last few days. I'm worried that there will be another growth spurt. Her brand new pants are already a bit snug, but if she shoots up like she did last time, they'll fit better around her waist, and she has some room to grow in the legs. Shoes though is a scary thing! She's been flying through the sizes. Just the other morning I had to dig out the size 12's for her. The 10.5's that she has been wearing don't fit. Most of the 11's are snug, except for the sandals since no socks are required, but it's not warm enough for those. We have one pair of 11.5 tennies that Grandma Owie bought Kaia. Luckily my co-worker has a 9 year old and she gave me a bag of 12-13's. So Kaia has one pair of black dress shoes, a blue pair, a maroon pair, and Hello Kitty tennies in 12. Hopefully the 11.5's and 12's last a little while.

Mo's Valentine's Day started at 2:30 a.m. with a breathing treatment. He was coughing so hard and had so much mucus that he was choking and couldn't sleep. After the treatment I laid down folded blankets at the head of the toddler bed and propped him up to sleep. I cuddled him for a bit and he was out, and slept good until 6:10 a.m. Then he got to come to the office with me, before his 9:45 Dr's appointment. The verdict: Ear infection in the right ear. So little man will be on azithromycin since he is allergic to amoxycillin.

Dana braved the crowded stores to get Kaia a Valentine's gift. Her very own plant for her new bedroom. He swears that I'm not getting anything.

I'm making a special Valentine's Dinner for the family. Dana's favorite burgers (think 5-Alarm from Red Robin for him, just a plain cheeseburger for the kids) tonight and homemade french fries. Might use the heart shaped cookie cutters and heart smart bisquick to do some shortcakes and top them with fruit and cream.

Wishing you all the best today!


jennifer said...

Poor Mo. What a trooper. I'm happy that your sweet little girl is so excited. And we have another little thing in common - my son is allergic to penacillin based antibiotics too. Makes for some hefty prescription prices 'doesn't it. Happy Valentine's Day TJ. I hope it is LOVE-ly! Jen

Connie Marie said...

Happy Valentine's Day.
Said a prayer for your little boy, I hope the medicine helps right away.

Art said...

Hope you and yours had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

jennifer said...

Will you hop over and leave a comment on my Cheese Cake Post? You'll understand when you read it! LOVE YA! Jen