Friday, May 30, 2008

Pre-K Graduation

Is it really possible my little girl starts school in September? Well according to her Pre-K graduation yesterday, the answer is yes. Photos courtesy of my dad!

I was of course a beaming mommy as they sang a few songs for all the parents and grandparents. Kaia not only sang as loud as possible, but did all the moves, and even helped her teacher remember what line was next. She's so outgoing, and loves an audience!


Susie Harris said...

Enjoy those little ones. They grow up way too fast. Susie H

jennifer said...

She is so cute! OOOH I would like to squeeze dumplins' out of her (that is Southern speak for I would love to give her a big Hug!).

I love the description of her outgoing-ness.

And WHEN did you do the Dicey-Doo? Um, cute haircut? You look gorgeous. Very Hip!