Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wanna Know a Secret?

TJ is not my real name. Those are my initials. I know, I know, DUH! But, you will quickly know why I use my initials. My name isn't all that easy to read and pronounce. Just try it (if you already know me, this doesn't work) Tysa Jayne Kihn. So I get all sorts of pronounciations from people, but here is my version of it phonetically: Tie-suh Jane Keen

So here are some pictures of her: One month old

Almost one with my Aunt (she was pregnant with my cousin)

Two years old

Four years old (at my cousin's party)


Elementary School

Middle School (I'm the dork on the right)


Senior Portrait (taken late summer early fall)

Close-Up trip to D.C. April of my senior year (notice dramatic change in hair)

My Pepperdine Suite-Mates and I on our last day together in Malibu (I'm in denim)

What have I learned from this? That my hair changes, and often! Also I appear tall in photos of me with other women, but I'm only 5 foot 5. So I'm going to guess that while Kaia towers over her peers now, she'll end up being just average height in the long run. Actually I'm the shortest person in my office, but that's why God gave someone the idea to create high heels!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

It's so fun to see the pictures! Your hair changes . . . mine never does. The most exciting thing I've ever done is cut it off to my shoulders, but I always let it grow back out. Maybe I should do something exciting sometime.

Kelli said...

You were (and are!) such a cutie! Tysa is such a beautiful name, I love it!

jennifer said...

So MO looks A LOT like his Mommy! I mean a WHOLE BUNCH like Tysa Jayne. You know, you don't look THAT much different from 15 year old you. You feel free to AGE just any minute now, OK?

Be blessed and have a great week.


Connie Marie said...

You have a beautiful name!
I enjoyed seeing your pictures.