Friday, May 30, 2008

Show & Tell: Bedroom

I'm back with another Show & Tell, hosted by Kelli at There's No Place Like Home. She's the sweetest hostess around, so if you want to participate, head on over for all the details.

Last week Kelli suggested showing something from your bedroom. So here it is:

Ok, that's not my Show & Tell, but it honestly is the laundry pile in Dana's and My bedroom. Good thing the forecast is now saying a sunny weekend, because I will need the clothesline.

What I really wanted to share was this cool vase made by June, aka Grammy, aka Mother-in-Law.

I think of all the wonderful ceramics she's made for us, this is probably my favorite. (The nativity set is pretty high up there too.) I love the colors on it. So neutral and yet so vibrant at the same time. It really reminds me of a Monet work. I haven't found anything I really want to put in it yet, but I think it is beautiful all by itself.

Here is another ceramic she made for us:

While it may look like a simple candle holder, or even another vase, it has a very useful purpose. Inside are tea lights, candles and matches. If the power ever goes out, I know exactly where those things are stored. Plus it has pink roses on it, and pink is my favorite color! (Next to it is a pink and blue candle that my good friend Lindy made at the beach in Lincoln City. See the sand? You put it in the mold, so you have a beach candle.)

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to seeing all of your items. Also, I'd love for you to see my cutie pie's pics from her pre-k graduation!


ceekay said...

That candle holder is really unique and a great idea! By the way...have fun washing!!

Hootin' Anni said... THAT is just about how mine looks. That's why I ignored the prompt. LOL

But, honestly, that 'simple' candle holder is elegant, and a spiffy idea! Wonderful. Love the white and the pink roses...very victorian.

There is an open invitation to stop by and view my show n tell project this week. Hope to see you there if you haven't dropped by already.

A Hint of Home said...

Looks like you have a busy weekend ahead washing.
The vases are so special. I wish I knew someone who was doing ceramics. It's a great idea to have the candles and matches handy.

Jewelgirl said...

Laundry sucks, looks like my tweens
room! The ceramics are very pretty!
I usually don't pass up kitty items,bunny items,or jewelry at
yards sales. Thanks for stopping
at my S&T!

Kims Art said...

Sorry about all that laundry! I have a pile myself. I love the first vase, really beautiful!

jennifer said...

Praise God for those laundry pics! I don't feel so alone!