Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dream Interpretation

Since I got very little sleep last night, I was pondering the dreams I had while I did sleep. I tend to have recurring dreams. The same themes come up often. Last night was a travel dream, which apparently represents progress toward goals. I'm not sure how living in a caravan (our family loaded the trailer with most of our belongings, and traveled with others we know for an extended period of time, to no specific place, & without giving up our permanent dwelling) represents progress, but that's what the experts say. I often dream that I'm traveling somewhere, for business or pleasure, but I'm never fully prepared.

It's too bad I don't have Joseph to share my dreams with, and none of my dreams seem to mimic any of the biblical dreams, but I'll share them with all of you.

A recurring place in my dreams is this cemetary. It is huge & takes up a large part of the center of town. It is fenced with huge white iron gates. Inside is the most brilliant green grass, beautiful green trees, white statuary, and sometimes white stone... not sure the best description, but there are steps and columns, an outdoor room or arena maybe. As you can tell by my description, there aren't many graves, but it is a cemetary and it's far more beautiful than any park I've ever been to. Sometimes good things happen in my dreams there sometimes bad. But it is always awe inspiring and I love waking up after having spent my dream there.

Another dream I love is the planet dream. In these dreams the celestial bodies aren't millions of miles away. Nope they are up close to earth & we can sit out in the yard, or in front of a window and see a show more spectacular than any fireworks. Comets and planets as close as the clouds. Sometimes this is part of an "end of the world" dream or can be accompanied by a volcano erupting which is an amazing and gorgeous sight in my dream, but most often it's just a beautiful sight that I take in.

I do have the college dream, that doesn't revolve around tests, just that I can't remember what classes I should be at each day & what time. Usually the result is I've forgotten to attend a class for weeks & I'm afraid of failing. It's almost always a science class, not one of my best subjects in real life.

Then there is the public restroom dream. I search and search for a clean stall that also is private, but cannot find one. They are always open or worse open & co-ed. This dream I guess has to do with vulnerability & acceptance from others.

There are others, but I'll share later. What are your thoughts?

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