Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One more holiday...

Just one holiday left and then it's the long boring stretch of winter. Valentine's Day is just a small interupption. I don't feel like winter really ends until my birthday, that's when I know spring is coming. This year it will also mark 9 years of knowing Dana!

Christmas Eve was great. The kids and I got home from church, and we went to visit Gordie and June which was very nice. Kaia spent most of her time on their computer with her new Land Before Time Game (Grammy and Pappa know what she likes!). Mo spent most of his time eating, sleeping and fussing. (his cold won't go away and those top teeth are really trying to come through) Afterward we went to my parents house and had a great meal. I think I was looking forward to that crab for what must have been a month. Kaia played with her cousin, and was especially excited when Dempsey came. It was a relaxed affair and we enjoyed ourselves.

This whole Christmas was really relaxed for us, and that made it so enjoyable. Lack of sleep because of Mo made me a little cranky, but I was glad that we could just hang around the house Christmas day. Kaia loved her present from Santa and her dinos from Dad and Mom. Mo loved Kaia's presents and the wrapping paper. The cats loved Mo's presents. Dana finally got the cars put up in the tv room and I realized that the slipcover I'd planned to buy with my Christmas money would not match. We had turkey and ham, stuffing, taters and gravy, cranberries and a relish tray for dinner, and spent the rest of the evening watching Pirates of the Carribean and Nemo.

New Year's tends to be even more relaxed for us now. I mean who wants to be around an 8 month old and a 3 year old at midnight? Not me, unless they are fast asleep. So no big plans right now. We usually get invites, but neither of us are big on driving with all the drunks and staying out late. We will probably watch the next Netflix movie and relax.

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