Friday, January 26, 2007

A First

Today I will pick up Morgan's first prescription. Amoxicillin. $4 and some change. Turns out at his 9 month appointment that he is advanced physically (crawling, standing and almost cruising), weighs 20.5 pounds, is already 30 inces high, and has an ear infection in his right ear. We suspected it, because of his tugging, but with teething, and an appointment already scheduled, I didn't want to drag him in unnecessarily.

I had to call ahead to the pharmacy to give them all of his information, including insurance. That's when I learned that Kaia hasn't had a prescription filled in over 2 years! She had 1 ear infection, a nasty burn requiring Silvadene, and Elidel for her eczema all before she was 14 months old. Nothing since.

I'm blessed to have such healthy children. They catch the colds going around, and always pass it on, but I haven't dealt with multiple ear infections, never had a trip to the emergency room, and no surgeries yet. Dana and I are still waiting on the broken limb Kaia is sure to get with all of her antics, though. That's why I have them on my insurance. $400 a month, but it's worth it, even if they rarely need it.

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