Friday, January 5, 2007

Just because it's been quiet here...

Doesn't mean we haven't been busy. Yesterday I had to take Kaia to the dr's because she broke out in a rash over her entire body! Turns out it was from the Nick Jr moldable soap I bought her Wednesday night. So now I have to be a mean mom and take away all the cool Diego soap. I know she has sensitive skin, but I figured it was kids soap so it would be ok.

Kaia is doing better today, we are smothering her in cetaphil and drowning her in benadryl. I'm sure it was the dye in the soap. We only use white soap at home and she can use scented lotions and bubble bath but those rarely have much dye in em.

The moldable soap was great for a laugh though. Mo wanted to join Kaia in the tub, so I dropped him in his bath seat and he played away. Kaia decided to decorate him with "putprints" and put her hand on his forehead. He looked like he belonged on Lord of the Flies. The handprint on his forehead resembled the ball on Castaway and there were streaks on his cheeks. Too funny, and the camera was apart, so no pics and with Kaia's experience we won't have a chance to take one in the future. Good news is that Mo doesn't have sensitive skin and he came out of the bath just fine.

I learned today that Omeprazole is just generic Prilosec. And Prilosec is available over the counter. So Dana hasn't been able to sleep or eat for 2 days because he ran out of Omeprazole and we are waiting for it to come in the mail. All I had to do was pick some up at Target or Shopko when I was there and I would have saved him all the sickness.

I on the other hand got my first night of sleep in weeks! Mo only woke once for a 2 a.m. feeding! It was awesome. It felt so good to sleep. His top two teeth are just right under the skin, so they aren't bugging him anymore, and I expect them to be through any minute. Here's hoping we all sleep well tonight!

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