Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funny Boy

I've had this post written in my head several times. I've discussed it with my in-laws and remembered other Mo updates to include. I started the post and saved it, because I knew I'd remember even more. Unfortunately, pregnancy brain has hit and all Mo's funny things have gone out the window.

You can quite often here Mo saying funny things like, "Careful, that's my bad leg." or " See my bad leg sissy? " You can't tell he stays with Grammy and Papa all day. Grammy's bad leg seems to have rubbed off on him.

Mo enjoys watching NASCAR with us. Especially when he has his "Hardt Junior" car to play with.

Mo can be seen rubbing his belly and telling you "I have boy babies in my tummy."

Mo loves the babies already and enjoys kissing them, hugging them and tickling them.

Mo has been successfully singing his ABC's for at least a month! There is a definite benefit to having an older sibiling to hand down all of her kindergarten wisdom.

Kaia's kindergarten ways have also rubbed off on Mo. He insists he has homework, for church. He also has to go write in his journal, just like sissy does.

Mo asked Grammy and Papa to buy him mosquito food. For his pet mosquito. He doesn't understand he would be the food, if he had a pet mosquito.


Anonymous said...

I want a boy.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's so fun! I'm glad he's happy about his younger siblings. Red Chief has learned a new one: "I'm having a contraction, mommy."

Carla said...

Good for you writing this darling stuff down! Time flies so fast, and before you know it, they will be to 'growed up' to say darling things anymore. So, are you having two boys???

jennifer said...

Oh shoot. Pet mosquito! I laughed hard at that!

Kristina said...

Hilarious! You really do have to keep writing things down. You really couldn't make this stuff up. Soon you'll have a book!