Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Twins at 13 weeks

I just got back from an appointment with my doctor, and I was so happy to hear that I would get another ultrasound. It was so much fun to see Fric and Frac. They are both healthy, active and a bit uncooperative!
Both were exactly where I had expected based on the kicks this weekend. It was fun to see Fric upside down and kicking around, while Frac seemed more content to thumb suck and hang out right side up. As much as he tried, he couldn't get them both into the photo at the same time, except for the headshot I took home. I wish you all could see what I saw though throughout the ultrasound.
Now the exciting part: My big ultrasound is June 9th! What do you think we'll have? 2 boys, 2 girls, or one of each? Let me know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, well I was thinking before, that since you had a tubal, they are more likely to be identical twins. Maybe we can see one egg getting through, but not two. Therefore, they would be same sexed.

I love that you are calling them Fric and Frac. Fetus names usually nauseate me, but you make light of it by calling your twins that.

I called Annalise "The Baby"

Anonymous said...

By the way, what are you going to do after they are born? Are you getting your tubes "retied"?

TJ said...

If I have a c-section, I will definitely have my doctor take a look, and fix whatever went wrong. But I think we are also planning for Dana to go in and get fixed also.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

How fun! It's great to see pictures of your babies. I won't venture a guess since I don't even do that with my own children. :) I figure that whatever we get is right for us.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

I am so excited to see your babies! Love Fric and Frac - so cute!

I am going to take a guess . . . I would say the babies are both girls! Be prepared for pink . . . it would be easier to tell though with side and backside pictures - haha!!!!

Congrats again!

jennifer said...

I think two little boys. Kaia gets to be the only princess in the household and Mo gets brothers to knock around with. One way or the other, I KNOW they are a blessing!

Loved the ultrasound pics and I wish I could have seen what you saw too.

Keeper Of All Things said...

Love the nicknames!!!!