Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am not ignoring you

I just want to let everyone know that I haven't been able to go visiting in blog land. I'm sorry. I want to, really. But, my RSS feeds are freezing up my Outlook, and frankly, I'm too lazy to try to remember all of your blog addresses to manually go visit! I'm going through withdrawls here!

And to be fair, some of it is laziness, and some of it is busy-ness. It's easy to do a quick read in my inbox, then pop on over with my comment as I have time. But, it takes more time to go to your blog, wait for it to load, read through, and then comment. And for some reason, I don't get paid to blog and visit your blogs. I do get paid to maintain our Facebook, and I'm not even doing much there.

I'll be by soon, when I sort all this RSS/Outlook issue out, or when my work is all done and I can play. Whichever comes first.

Now for more exciting news. Dana felt a baby last night! I didn't think their movements were strong enough to be felt from the outside yet. But, Dana came over and with one hand wide open gave my belly a few squeezes.

Frac apparently found that odd, and moved to the side, but Dana's fingers were still there, so Frac retreated inward. I felt it, and when I saw Dana's face, I realized that he felt it too. Fric was hanging out a bit lower and probably just barely noticed all the action. I thought it was great for Dana to experience some of the action I experience each day.


Anonymous said...

The twins don't switch positions at all? Will that come later or do they just not do that?

Thanks for the kind comments about my weight loss.

Shauna said...

♥ HUGS ♥

Mrs. Mordecai said...

No need to worry! (Although I do love your comments.) Life happens, and blogging isn't the most important thing in it.