Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100th Day

Today is Kaia's 100th day of school, and to celebrate, each child in her class is to bring in a collection of 100 things. When the paper came home from school, I immediately thought of the tin of my grandma's buttons. Kaia agreed. Then we needed a way to display them. Lucky for us, I had a stained doily picked up for free after the church yard sale and an embroidery hoop. Kaia counted out the buttons and helped me thread them on. It's not the best, and part way through struggling with knotted embroidery thread and my bum thumb, I considered sending her with a roll of pennies. However, I think her display turned out quite nice.


Art said...

That is a cool idea!

jennifer said...

It really did turn out pretty. Seems like we sent 100 fruit loops that he ate for snack afterwards.

Carla said...

a COLLECTION of 100 things????
Mine had to put 100 things on a hat-which was really easy (amazing how quick you could find 100 pieces of things to glue on), a collection might be tricky! I'm sure you both had fun counting out 100 buttons to take and share:)