Sunday, February 15, 2009

Watch Out Fish!

There is a new girl in town. She will catch you and keep you. And even though she plans to eat you for dinner, after a few hours walking around the sportsman's show with her dad, you will smell to high heaven and be good for nothing but fertilizer or the trash. Unfortunately for you, the ground is too frozen for fertilizer, so you will be destined for the City of Yakima issued trash bin.

Now, lucky for you, next time she goes to the sportsman's show, she will not keep you and will donate you back, so you can live for another few hours before another child catches you and takes you home. At least her former vegetarian mom will not have to gag at the smell of your decomposing fishy self. Even if she was proud enough of her daughter's fishing prowess to take photos of the first fish ever caught, she still is grossed out and isn't sure she will ever eat another fish again. Not that she eats many of you in the first place.

You have been warned, watch out for the new fishing girl in town!


Art said...

Funny. Sort of... A very similar thing happened a few years ago with my son.

Carla said...

my youngest used to 'pet' fish. Sometimes, at 18, he still does:)

jennifer said...

Valarie has had pictures of her daughter kissing the fish. I wouldn't let Kaia see those pics :)