Thursday, February 19, 2009

Show and Tell: Gifts

It's now February, and I've finally taken some photos of the amazing Christmas gifts I wanted to show you. Of course I received many lovely gifts, but these are a few I wanted to share.

On my list was things for my retro dream kitchen. My dream kitchen is turquoise, red and white. Also my favorite color is pink, which doesn't go in my kitchen, but will be perfect for a formal dining room one day (as in, when we get a house with a formal dining room).

My first Christmas gifts were received in the early afternoon on Christmas Eve. I had no idea what my Mother in Law June had planned for gifts, as I hadn't told her anything I wanted. I wasn't worried about it though. She always has wonderful ideas. I was almost in tears though at how special my gift was.

June had filled a picnic basket with her teapot from Japan and the tea cups with lids. She bought these when Gordie was stationed in Japan, I think in the 1960's. There are 4 cups and the tea pot in a beautiful pink and reddish pattern. She also added a tea ball and loose leaf teas to the basket. She told me that they say if you want someone to have something, don't wait until your gone. She added that she had no plans of going anytime soon (And for that, I'm very thankful. My kids love their Grammy and Papa so much!), but thought I should have it.

While I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the tea set, she asked if I would also like the sake set. Of course I would, was the only answer I could think of. And she brought it to me.

Those little sake cups are so small. Even the pitchers are, just look at them in comparison to the poinsettia pot behind it. I have visions one day of having a beautiful side board to display both the tea set and sake set on. Of course they will be used also, but not until the kids are a bit older.

Later on Christmas Eve I received more wonderful gifts. My Nana (aunt) made me a beautiful retro valance for the kitchen window. We still need to purchase drywall anchors (or some such thing) in order to hang it, otherwise I'd show you it over the kitchen window. My mom took some of the material from the valance and put it onto some kitchen towels.

Aren't they beautiful?! They will be perfect in my dream kitchen. And for now, the towels and soon the valance look pretty good in my modern kitchen.

One last gift. The white table center that all of this has been displayed on, that was a gift from my Grandma in Mexico. She's so thoughtful and always leaves gifts for Christmas when she visits in the fall. I think it really dresses up our patio table turned dining table.

Thanks so much for visiting. For more great items, visit Kelli's blog.


Kelli said...

What wonderful gifts, TJ! The dishes are beautiful and what a delicate pattern. I also love the retro valance!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Those are all beautiful!

Belinda said...

Wow! You hit the jackpot! I love the gorgeous colors in the valance, and your MIL's tea set is just wonder you were thrilled with these thoughtful gifts! :-)

Jules said...

Wow- I love your dishes. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

ceekay said...

A fantastic and loving gift. So pretty!

Scrapdolly said...

Such wonderful gifts - I loved reading this

Heidi Pocketbook said...

What lovely and thoughtful gifts you received!

Thanks for stopping by my blog☺

JanMary said...

Beautiful items - thanks for sharing.

We lived in England for a year and had a VERY red and white original fifties kitchen!

Cass said...

Not only did you get beautiful gifts but they are meaningful ones, also -- either made with you and your taste in mind, or given to you as part of the family's treasures. Lovely!

Karen Sherrill said...

Aren't M-I-L's great...I really like what your mom did with the dish towel...I do believe I am going to use her idea! Thanks for sharing ;o).


jennifer said...

Love the colors of your dream kitchen!!

The gifts were wonderful. I love the flowers on the tea set.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Art said...

The sake set is really neat.

Susie Homemaker said...

my dream kitchen is retro your gifts!


Alice said...

thank you for sharing your Christmas gifts with us. they are beautiful. i especially like the saki set. absolutely gorgeous. what a thoughtful gift! thanks for sharing it with us.

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