Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Office Fun

Our office has cleaners come in each Monday night to, well clean. Now we can debate this in our office based on what does and doesn't get done, but the fun part is some of the things they do.

We recently had a note saying we had the wrong paper towels. Well we didn't. We had changed the paper towel dispenser in the kitchen, so that it would take the same style of paper towels as the other dispensers. The multi-fold towels do stick out nicely for you to grab, but the restroom dispensers were designed for C-fold and when you would try to take just 1 multi-fold towel, you'd end up with 5 or more. It was messy and wasteful, but the kitchen dispenser couldn't dispense C-fold.

This was an easy $30 fix, and we quickly put it up. For some reason the cleaning staff felt that because the towels didn't stick out, they were wrong. So they didn't fill the paper towel dispensers and left us the note. So the next Monday, my coworker put up a very nice note asking them to please fill the dispensers, that we wanted that style of paper towel.

Apparently they took offense to that. They left a note to let us know the towels wouldn't stick out, but they would fill them anyway. My coworker came in to find her desk wiped down and her stack of rubberbands sprinkled across her desk. Now we've always laughed about how much stuff around our desks move after cleaning. But this wasn't just moving something to clean.

After a few weeks, my coworker came in to find her phone turned around, her picture frame laid face down, the adding machine cock-eyed and more. We knew that this was deliberate. We had a good laugh, because they weren't doing that to anyone else's desk.

So the next Monday as we were picking up so that they could wipe down desks I said to her, "Why don't you move everything to where it was when you came in on Tuesday? See if they leave it, or put it back." So she did. And next morning, everything was put in it's rightful place.

This Tuesday morning, her computer, which had been turned off Monday night, was on. Everything is passworded, so they didn't go into her PC, but they had to have turned it back on. Tuesday mornings are fun now, just to see what's been done this time. Do you have any crazy inside jokes or games that you play? Or are we just wierd? Or both is an option too.


Art said...

That's funny. Several years ago a coworker and I got into a practical joke battle that culminated with me attaching several giant rubber bands to the inside back of his file cabinet drawer so that when he pulled the drawer out halfway, it flew out of his hand and snapped back shut. He gave up the battle after that one:)

Dianna said...

Tee hee~I think stuff like that is what keeps you sane at work. A little giggle never hurt anyone*!*