Thursday, December 3, 2009

Olay Professional Pro-X

Several months ago I joined which is a marketing website for Procter & Gamble.   From the site, I received Olay Professional Pro-X wrinkle smoothing cream just after the boys were born.  This wasn't just a small sample either.  It was a real jar of the cream!  The marketing promises "your skin won't just look younger, it will act younger."  Kaia thinks this is amusing and keeps asking why I'd want my skin to act young.

I really like this night time cream.  It goes on smooth, but doesn't feel heavy.  I cannot attest to the actions of my skin though.  I'm not very good with a night time routine.  So I don't use the cream every night as I should.  I also started my sporadic use of it right after the boys were born, so my skin was going through just a few hormonal changes at the time. 

I do know is that my skin definitely feels soft and moisturized when I'm using it.  That softness, and you might even call it silkiness lasts through the day.  I think this cream could really make my skin look and feel better, and perhaps act younger, if I'd just figure out a way to follow a routine before bed.  I would definitely recommend the cream, and plan to look for it myself once my jar is empty. 

If you'd like to try one of the products in the new Olay Professional Pro-X line, then I have a coupon for you!  $10 off any single Pro-X product.  Just email me at DTKMKihn at requesting a coupon.  I'll send them first come, first serve.

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Just Breathe said...

I just sent you my address. Must be fun to try products. So I am sure that it's different getting your house ready for Christmas with two new babies!