Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Would You Do?

Me, greeting at a New Leaders Event, just 2 days before we learned I was carrying twins

My best friend mentioned to me the other day that she wished Dana and I would win the lottery, that way I could take a certain job.  I'm not looking, but it's a job where they could really use my skills and it would allow me more time at home with the kids. 

I love working at United Way, but sometimes I miss doing work that has very defined tasks.  Also sometimes I'd like to have more time at home.  So I started thinking, if money wasn't an issue, what job would I do? 

Honestly, there are so many jobs in the world I think might be fun.  Would I be a fashion designer, a chef, an actress...  But, the job I know and miss is being a barista.  If I could do anything at all, I would work in a coffee shop again.  I love chatting with the regulars, meeting new customers, making the perfect cup of coffee and knowing what people like.  Although it has been 10 years since I worked at one local shop, I still remember my customers.  The gal at the dry cleaners takes a tall decaf americano, the dentist- a short americano, the pastor- short skinny latte extra hot no foam, the radio dj- tall double mocha no whip.  There are many more.  I loved that once I cleaned up at the end of the day, I was done.  There wasn't anything to think about at home, I would go in and serve customers, clean up and the day was done. 

So if you could work at any job in the world, and childcare and money were no object, what would you do?


barb said...

Interesting question. While I enjoy what I do, after I sold my business of 20 years in Florida, I seriously entertained the idea of opening a wi-fi coffee, pizza and sandwich shop by the college here in Georgia. I was talked out of it by my CPA and Investment Broker. I opened the same type business I had - do what you know, right?

But I still think my idea would have been a big hit!

kristen said...

tj - i think i would want to work for compassion international, or international justice mission or do some sort of business w/ my husband where we could bring the boys.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Okay, so first off, I love staying at home with my children that said, if I had to work again . . .

I'd go back to teaching violin. It was the most rewarding job and I loved working one on one with the kids. Plus, I think I was really good at it. Ahh . . . maybe one day I'll do it again.

Danielle said...

I would not be doing very much differently. I would quit working for the children's museum, but still volunteer there a couple hours a week. I would be doing the child advocates thing more full time. And if I was a millionaire, traveling around the world as like a fairy godmother for orphanages.

jennifer said...

That is a good question. I wish that I had the education, confidence, and talent to write a book.

But I'm content with blogging :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting question honey.

Although Im enjoying what im doing know "What man doesn't like going to work and building cool things or tearing things down!"

But If we had enough money, I would love to drive a NHRA Pro Stocker in competition for fun.

But I know what I would like to do most "and this will probably surprise a lot of people that know me", I would cherish being able to be the guy that brings clothes, toys
, and what ever that is needed to little kids, OK from young ones to teenagers, that have absolutely nothing in life. I think that would be the greatest and most rewarding thing to do for me.

Kinda scary hu honey.

Tysa's Husband

Danielle said...

Anyone can write a book! Just do it!

Art said...

It sounds corny but I would want to do something to help people - real help - out on the streets with the homeless, in a 3rd world country, teching the illiterate to read or something equally idealistic...

Sorry i haven't been around much lately - I've had issues!

Your twins are beautiful. Hope everything is going well!

Just Breathe said...

I have been blessed with being at home right now. I had several years of working and daycare for my children when I was divorced.
Then I got to be a stay at home mom which was wonderful and my adult children felt very blessed that I was able to do that for them. That is thanks to their father who has been blessed with wonderful jobs. What I want to do many can't by. I want to speak at conventions and help people through horrible events in their lives but I don't have the training to do that. My heart has the tools but I'm not school smart to get a degree.