Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get me to work on time!

You know that lovely weather I was mooning over yesterday? Maybe you've looked at the news lately? While our city is still beautiful and warm, it has created a nightmare for well, most of the state!

If you live here in Yakima or Kittitas County, don't plan on leaving. That is unless you want to go to Oregon, because that's the only place we can drive to. The rivers are right up against the roads, and avalanches and mudslides have closed all the passes, except the one going down to Oregon. Colder weather is coming though. I imagine the passes will open again, only to be closed due to snow. It's the way it works up here. There is nothing like the Northwest in the winter!

Yesterday, I talked to my co-workers regarding the Kaia issue. The I'm always late because I can't get a 5 year old moving issue. That's when the VP told me what he tells his kids. The first money he makes at work is toy money. So if he's late, he can't make any toy money. This morning, I told Kaia, "The first money I make at work is toy and movie money. If I'm late, I don't make it, and we won't have money for toys and movies." I didn't think she'd get it, but she did. She actually got ready. She even asked several times, if we were late and was I going to be able to make some toy money today?

Sleeping in bed all night? Check
Getting ready in the morning? We're getting there!


Art said...

Ugh... That weather sounds nasty! Be Careful!

Valarie Lea said...

Well now thats one way to get them to get ready in the morning! :)

Danielle said...

That's a good one. I hope your boss was nice about it.

Casii said...

You guys have really had a doozie of a winter so far.

I wish I had thought of that when my youngest was a dragger in the mornings. She still does, but I know she's too old to pull the toy money card. Dagnabbit!