Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sincerely 'Fro Me to You Christmas

Sure, it's a little late for Christmas, but I still haven't sent out Christmas cards, so why not?

Here it is, Christmas in the 80's. Need I say more? Look at that hair... It's awful. Why I wanted hair like that, and why my mom agreed... Feel free to add some insight Mom. I'm sure it was my own stubborness. Just like the dress. Dress shopping with me was a nightmare. I was never a flowery girl, and wasn't big on lacey stuff either. Now try to find girls dresses in the 1980's that weren't either of those, it wasn't easy.
To see more photos that won't go in the scrapbook, head over to Kristen's at We Are THAT Family.


Art said...

A blast from the past! I think it's cute.

We are THAT Family said...

Pictures of kids on Santa's leg are always appropriate! Thanks for joining in!

jennifer said...

I saw your post in my reader and remembered it was THE day. So thanks!

The photo is adorable - I'm all for Christmas in January :)

Tammy said...

Is your hair twisted and then fastened to your head because I so remember that trend.

I was not a lacy fluffy girl either, but that didn't stop my mom from putting me in it.

Lisa said...

You looked cute with Santa.

No lace or girly dresses were ever allowed in my family. My mom made us wear red, white, and blue. Weird, but true.

Anonymous said...

I think you were born with a definite idea of what you thought was "cool". After you about 4 yrs old it wasn't worth the tears,screaming or sulking to try to change your mind. I think the dress was a"compromise" between what you wanted and what I wanted. The haircut was your idea and I cried when your cut your shoulder length hair off to this.
I sometimes regretted teaching you to think for yourself. I vividly remember grandma telling want to bend their will,not break it.
Alot she knew!!