Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Out of the kids' mouths

Mo after I put his DVD into the player: Good job mommy, you a good boy.. you a good girl.

Kaia while singing to her kids' christian songs CD: I will sing Papa Murphy's of the Lord forever, I will sing Papa Murphy's of the Lord.

Mo after Papa handed him the phone so he could talk to sissy: Hi Sweetheart!

Mo while helping me scoop cat litter: I help mommy. I a good helper.

Kaia to the school secretary: My teeth are gray and they won't be white again until I get new ones.


jennifer said...

I have it on HIGH authority that the tooth fairy pays more for gray teeth. She also has left things in Alabama for little girls in Washington so when she loses those teeth, if you were to send a certain blogger buddy a reminder email of this comment (I am serious!) she could get some tooth fairy mail from Alabama.

Oh and...

Good job TJ... you a good girl.

Art said...

Papa Murphy cracked me up. that's good stuff!

Carla said...

So sweet!