Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2 is coming...

Manly enough to ride a girlie bike
A rare photo of the dad...he kept ducking out of them
Hey is that Big Foot?

Here are a few more camping photos. Quite often Mo was out blazing a trail. He's becoming an independent little man. 2 years old is just days away (eek!) and that brings new drama to our life.

Mo actually had 2 time-outs last night! He's had them before, but these were full 2 minute time-outs where he cried and attempted to get out of it. Both times it was because when I have told him "no" as he picked something up, he threw it back down. For some items that may not be a problem, but when it's the digital camera and the coffee pot carafe... big problem. He did survive his time-outs, and took them fairly well.

Another update, Cinnamon is ok. I am still amazed at how much she will put up with from the kids. Kaia kept wrapping things around her neck, Mo likes to lay right on top of her to snuggle, and through it all Cinnamon is calm and patient. (a lesson maybe I should learn)


Art said...

Mo sounds like a 100% normal little boy! Good luck.. it only gets better;)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

How do you do timeouts with Mo? I'm at my wits' end sometimes with Red Chief; we don't really know what to do for discipline.

Connie Marie said...

We raised five kids and ... I never did time outs, hehehe. I thought it was a waste of time actually. Many times I had my kids sit on the couch with a book though. I would say, "If you continue making this trouble, you cannot play this game anymore, get a book, sit on the couch and read!"

I didn't let them go to their rooms, I thought it was a breeding ground for seething anger. lol

Anyway, God bless as you teach your little ones.

I love your little Big Foot!

TJ said...

Thanks for the advice Connie Marie! I didn't do timeouts with Kaia. I couldn't get her to stay, and it became a nightmare. We did recently introduce them now that she's older.

With Mo I put him up against the wall in the end of the hall, sitting down. I tell him time-out, and then stand by to put him back if he moves. 1 minute for each year of age. If he moves, he starts over (most of the time... he's young enough that if I get him most of the 2 minutes, before leaving, I put him back for a bit and then let him out since he doesn't understand time yet). No one is allowed to talk to him, although I will reiterate timeout when he says "mama" or tries to get up.

Now if that doesn't work, or becomes too much of a battle, a strap-in booster chair works. My mom used this with my neice, and I know other moms who have tried this. If possible don't use the chair for anything but timeout. But use one of the plastic seats that attaches to the chair, and then the child is seat belted in. Put them in that for the timeout. Soon you won't need it as they learn to sit for the timeout.

Hope that helps. My friend tells her daughter that she has to sit until she stops crying and yelling. We've tried that with Kaia, and it has worked, but not sure if Mo would get it yet.

jennifer said...

Gosh TJ, I was a little sad about Em turning 12 and this time out talk makes me appreciate this age more. LOL

Love the picture of Moe running away into the great wild yonder!!

Sounds like you really had fun.