Thursday, April 3, 2008

Show & Tell: Home Away from Home

It's Show & Tell at Kelli's and I want to show you our home away from home.
I know my last post was about being "green" and here I am showing your our truck. It definitely is a gas hog, but not as bad as some. Plus it isn't a daily driver, except during the winter months. Behind it is our portable home. When we made the decision to purchase the trailer, we decided that we needed to use it at least 8-10 times a year to make it worth the expense. We did that just fine last year, and it has saved us a lot of money on hotels. This photo was taken on Sunday when we left the Yakima River Canyon.

Here is our kitchen and sofa. The sofa quite often becomes a coat rack and toy holder as you can see.
Here is Mo enjoying a game at the table, which is also the kids' bed come night time.

Here is Mo getting ready to wash his hands in our bathroom. He stands on the toilet to reach the sink. To the right is the shower/tub. Yes there really is a small tub, which comes in very handy when the kids get filthy!

Finally here is Dana's and my bedroom. Believe it or not, the trailer stays much cleaner than our other home. Also if you look on the ledge you will see my frugal find. That's a pink Liz Clairborne purse. Looked brand new. I picked it up for $4.99! I Love it! All Dana could say was, "You really like pink, don't you?" I had to laugh and ask where he had been the last 10 years.

Thanks for visiting. I am leaving for my conference in Vegas this weekend, so I may not be able to visit all of you right away, but I will when I return! Also, please visit my Global Warming post and tell me what you are doing to live "green." I'd love to hear from you.


Simply Heart And Home said...

My in-laws had a little camper just like yours. We borrowed it from time to time when our children were little. You must have lovely trips in yours.


Art said...

I don't know... camping in the trailer might just be more "green" than staying in a luxurious wasteful hotel room.

I hope you have a nice trip to Vegas.

JanaBanana said...

Nice camper :) We use to have a really nice tavel trailer with a sunken tub and surround sound stereo and centeral air,,,then we moved on the the lake and sold it.
Enjoy your camping trips!

Charlotte said...

Sounds like you're making lots of good memories for you and your family.
Pink -- I like pink too. It has always been my favorite color. I like it better all the time.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I certainly agree with your grandmother. The body gets old and wears out, but the spirit doesn't age. That is a wonderful thing.

Penless Thoughts said...

Nice trailer. We had so much fun traveling in our 5th wheel and seeing this great country and Canada. And yes, it take a big truck to pull them :o)

nannykim said...

It is so nice to enjoy things like that as a family--it will give you all many good memories and that is something that is really important!

Kelli said...

What a wonderful camper! I've had one on my wish list for many years. LOL Have fun!

jennifer said...

I hope that your trip to Vegas is wonderful. Be careful and remember "What happens in Vegas Stays..................................with you on your conscience for the rest of your ever loving life."



Kindra said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I would rather do that than a tent anyday!! Wow look at the pretty view of the mountains!

The Apron Queen said...

I'm blogging about a recent RV trip we made. You might enjoy it.

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