Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

That's right I'm back. Flew in about an hour ago! I'm tired (although the whole travel stuff means I need to wind down a bit before sleeping), and my lungs and eyes are glad to be back in good old Washington State! The liberal Wet-Side has one thing right on... No smoking indoors! I admit to feeling that it was treading on the rights of smokers when the bill was first past. Now after being in Vegas for two separate trips, I'm glad to be in smoke free WA!

The past few mornings my travel companion and I have had a smoker's cough, due to all the cigarettes we've inhaled, and my eyes are in need of the allergy drops the doctor gave me every few hours!

I tried to check in, but the internet connection was PRICEY! So I made a quick stop by Arts, to see he was on a break, and then while waiting for Jen's page to load, the PC shut down on me! I was paying 69 cents a minute and lost the connection. So I hurried over to end my session, which the PC had already ended so not another minute could be charged.

I will try to catch up with all soon! It is my busy weekend though. A certain little man's 2nd birthday party and a baby shower. Sad to say the shower is more planned than the party, but I'm working on that.


Kelli said...

Welcome back! I hope your throat and eyes recover quickly and you get rested up!

jennifer said...

Welcome Home again! I've been gone too! Looks like I've got some reading to catch up on.

Thanks for checking in with me - made me feel all warm and fuzzy. You are one of first blogs I've checked in on since I've been back!

Poor girl, cigarette smoke is tough on us non-smokers!

Be blessed TJ my dear!