Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tonight's Groceries

Tonight was a trip to the store that was almost back to normal for me. I really wanted to pick up some milk, so we stopped by Wray's. It's a local store. By local I mean they have 3 locations, all right here in Yakima, Washington. That means that prices vary. Generally they have good to excellent produce prices, and meat markdowns can be great. They do have coupons because they are an Associated Grocer. So tonight's receipt looked like this:
1/2 gallon WF skim milk $1.49 (quick sale) =1.49
WF Frozen Pizza 3 @ .68 (coupon) =2.04
Banquet Frozen meals 4 @ $1 each =4.00
WF Saltine Crackers =2.19
2 bunches of radishes =.88
3 Cameo Apples =1.09
2 Bartlett Pears =1.56
Fresh Broccoli Crowns .73 lbs =.57
Kraft Spiderman Mac N cheese =.75 (damaged box and cheaper than WF)
1 doz cage free vegetarian fed eggs =1.99 (quicksale)
6 pack of 16 oz can light beer =4.59

Ok typing this I just realized that not only did they over charge me on the mac n cheese (it rang up at $1.49) but also one of the Banquet meals (it came up at 1.79)! Guess I'll be making a trip back there. When there is an error in my favor I let them know, so I do the same when it is in their favor.

I typically buy all our crackers (and cereal) at a dollar store. Unfortunately, Dana came down with the stomach bug hard last night, so I had to pick up crackers where I was. I don't usually buy all the frozen food either, but sometimes I make dinners where there isn't any leftovers. That means the next day I scrounge through the fridge and cupboard trying to find something to take to work for lunch. If I don't take food, or if I take something that I just can't bring myself to eat, well then I'm next door at the Thai restaurant spending $8 on the lunch buffet (YUM). This week I still need to go to Fiesta Foods for a 2 lb block of WF Cheddar for only $3.99. Too bad it's a limit of 1 per family.

Our meals are often humble. Tonight it was the mac n cheese (using leftover "buttery spread" from the KFC splurge while sick) with corn (frozen and purchased at $1 a pound) and a slice of leftover frozen ham. Kaia ate chicken she brought home from Grammy's while Mo and I had ham. (Dana had the crackers and some Powerade) There wasn't much color in that meal, but the kids prefer corn to peas. The fresh broccoli would have meant more cheese and I'd like to wait for Dana to feel better so we can enjoy the radishes.

I have some great stove top casserole recipes that can make a meal out of almost nothing. Also a few soups that are heart and require very little in the way of ingredients. I'll share those soon!


Art said...

We spend way too much on food. And the kids are bad about wasting food too. I always remind them that we eat better than most people in the world. It's amazing when you start to add it all up!

Rebekah said...

I totally agree with "Art" on kids wasting food. My husband and I are working on this issue with our 3 yr old.

Kristina said...

What do you do with radishes? They mystify me.

TJ said...

These are red radishes, and really all we do is eat them raw. The kids and I like to put a little homemade ranch dressing on them. Dana just does salt. They are one of our favorite foods in spring. Kaia actually begged me to buy them yesterday.

The Southern Mom said...
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Kelli said...

You found some great deals, Tj! I'm looking forward to your soup recipes!

Miss G said...

Thanks so much for your comment! Kelly