Thursday, April 17, 2008


I went to Fiesta Foods today to pick up supplies for Mo's party and the Baby Shower. We've been feeling the budget crunch due to high prices on dairy. Eggs have remained low at Fiesta. Just $1.99 for a dozen, brown, Omega-3, no hormone/antibiotics eggs. I was in shock though when I picked up a jar of mayo! The Flavorite Mayo which I count on being $1.49 was $2.19! It's a good thing we've reduced our mayo use recently, but I'm going to be back to watching for sales.

The recent food prices have pretty much blown my price book out of the water! I don't have a physical price book, it's in my head. I know (well used to know) that I can pick up a case of soda for $3.99 around every 3 months and during holidays like Memorial Day weekend, Independence day. (Now if I can find soda for $5 a case I'm all over it!) Cheese was easy to find at $3.49 for a 2 pound block. Now $5 is about as good as it gets, unless Fiesta has a coupon. Even candy bars have taken a hit. I used to stock up at Grocery Outlet, 4 for a dollar. They are 3 for a dollar now. I forgot to check on the Flavorite light tuna. It's been 2 for 99 cents and the best price in town (also the best flavor). I wonder how long that will last?


Kelli said...

Yikes! I've noticed the price increases too, especially on dairy.

jennifer said...

You are right on TJ. Hubby and I were talking just the other day about how much it costs for us to just get by these days. Everything has gone UP UP UP!

END? It may not. Gas prices. Food shortages. The economy. Scares me half to death.


Art said...

I've noticed the same thing - food prices through the roof! Hopefully our vegetable garden will produce a lot!