Monday, April 21, 2008


There is just so much that is icky around here lately. When I arrived home Wednesday night there was a note telling me that Kaia was throwing up. She was feeling better on Thursday, although not her full self. I watched Mo all day Friday while preparing the house for his party. He didn't come down with anything, and I felt that he had avoided the stomach bug this time around.

On Saturday we had Mo's party, and it was snowing outside! It's April for goodness sake! The party went well, but we knew there was something wrong when he passed on dinner. He'd been looking forward to hot dogs all week. He loved his gifts, and ate part of his cupcake. Almost everyone left and it was just our friends and their children. That's when the fun began. Mo had a complete diaper blowout. I needed a towel and assistance to get him changed. He went straight into the bath after that.

After Mo was dry and in jammies, we were continuing our visit. Dana was holding Mo when it all came out. Dana and I were completely coated as was the couch and floor. Bath number 2 for Mo, administered by Tam while Dana and I got changed. He went through another set of jammies that night, but after that seemed better.

Sunday morning he was up and bright eyed so we all went to church. I was hosting the baby shower. I had so much help with food, and my uncle helped cut the polka dots for me. There were paper lanterns and dots all over the tables. I was extra nervous about handwashing after the stomach bug at our house, and my hands are still extra dry from it.

The party was a success, but by the time I cleaned up, I knew I needed to hurry home. I'm thankful my aunt stayed to lock up, because I barely got home and got the kids and leftover food inside before I was running to the bathroom. Dana wasn't home and I was trying to keep the kids entertained with all the stomach bug fun. Grammy and Papa came and got the kids shortly after Dana got home and felt that he too was coming down with it.

We were both asleep early, and slept in this morning. I woke at 9 a.m. and had to call into work late. Then I went back to sleep until 11! It's still snowing out, although not a bit is sticking. A chilly welcome home from Vegas. Today is Mo's 2nd birthday, and I can't wait to give him a big snuggle.

Photos to come


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Phew! That's why kids need so many clothes. Sometimes you think you're crazy for having six sets of pajamas, and then you go through all of them in three days.

Connie Marie said...

I hope by now you all are well.

jennifer said...

Do I EVER remember Daiper blowouts! Now, when kiddos get sick, they come running and spewing to Mom. I scream "NO! HEAD TO THE TOILET!!!"

Hope the bug is GONE!