Monday, April 28, 2008

Missed Opportunity

We had a great weekend! Housework didn't get done quite as much as I had planned, but yard work was finished, and we enjoyed ourselves on Sunday. The kids and I stayed after church for potluck before heading home. We then all hopped into the truck (including Sampson) and Dana drove us up to Little Naches. We checked out the weather and the roads.

After having carried the camera around for several weeks, I took it out of my purse. Of course up in the Little Naches area I wished I had it. It was a warm 65 degrees up there. I was in a tank top and flip flops. Mo and Dana both had short sleeves. Yet, there was snow piled all around us! The campgrounds are all still closed, but we are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend.

On the way home we stopped by Jeff and Tam's. They were roasting hot dogs over their fire pit. We enjoyed visiting with them and Mo found a new friend. She is about his age and they were so cute playing together. I think Tam got some good photos, but I had really wished I had the camera.

Mo has learned so many new words and phrases. Just in the last few weeks he's said: Bible, river, I got it, honey, and show. There are so many more, and every day I look forward to hearing his new words.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Red Chief is learning words like crazy, too. I thought he was saying "Bible" a few weeks ago, but it turned out it was "diaper." He does a good "Amen," though!

Patty said...

house work can always wait, beautiful days can't : )

Kelli said...

It sounds like a fun weekend...housework will always be there!